Kaur Teacher of the Year

Dinkel Kaur

Newberry County Career Center

Originally from: California

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Working in education allows me to serve the future generation. I love interacting with my students and helping them make lifelong, real world connections. I love that everyday is different for my students and I and we learn from each other. Teaching is so rewarding and  one of the best moments for me in the classroom is seeing the growth of my students and their creativity shine when I challenge them to think deeper or through a different lens. 

Favorite Topic to Teach: I love teaching students about new medical innovations. In this lesson, students learn how to do research while utilizing what they've learned so far in class to create a "novel medical innovation." I get to see students bring their vision to life when they are coming up with new ideas for medical innovations and create a working prototype. I get to see students get out of their shell and present their ideas with confidence to their peers and teachers. 

Most Rewarding Aspect of Teaching: The most rewarding part of teaching is watching my students grow and learn. I see a big academic growth in my students after they complete the four classes with me.

Favorite Book: “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling