Tennis 2020 Guidelines

This is for all rising 7th-12th grade girls interested in playing tennis!

Please make sure to read all of the following information as it pertains to the 2020 tennis season and what we are going to have to do to make sure we follow the guidelines laid out.

  • In order to participate you will need to turn in the following:
    • Physical
    • Concussion Form
    • Parent’s Permission Form
    • Assumption of Risk Waiver Form (must be turned in before doing ANYTHING)
  • If you played last year your physical will be good until July 1st, but I recommend you being proactive and getting a new one completed ASAP.
  • We are only going to be able to work in groups of 10 (including myself).
    • I will determine those groups once the appropriate forms have been turned in COMPLETELY (especially the waiver)
    • Once those groups have been determined, they cannot be changed.
  • You will need to wear a mask anytime you are not actively participating in a drill.
    • You may wear your own, but the school will also be providing them.
  • We will also be keeping 6 feet of distance between each other, AT ALL TIMES.
  • I will be checking temperatures at the beginning of practice and keeping records of this.
  • You will need to bring your own water bottle and also make sure that you are prepared for practice when you get there.
    • There will be no sharing of water, food, equipment, etc.

**Please let me know if you have any questions by sending me an email at, thank you!**