Campbell Teacher of the Year

Andrew Bowers

Whitmire Community High

Hometown: Whitmire

High School: Whitmire High

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Laverne Brock, just loved the way that she taught and enjoyed the way she connected with students. She was a great teacher and you could tell that she enjoyed teaching. 

Favorite Aspect of Teaching: Students, I enjoy teaching and interacting with them all. Just enjoy being around them and watching them grow as students and individuals. 

Most Rewarding Aspect of Teaching the Past Few Years: Seeing students adapt to uncertain times. I do not think we give them enough credit. They have truly been dealt a tough hand with their education the last few years and they have dealt with it and continued to move forward. They have adapted to new times and continued to grow as students. 

Favorite Book: “Bleachers” by John Grisham